Dry and irritated skin? Stretch marks? Loose, sagging and inelastic skin?

18/01/2021 / 21400

Dry and irritated skin? Stretch marks? Loose, sagging and inelastic skin?

LINEA CREMA: thanks to its precious components it can be used effectively as an adjuvant in the eutrophication of the body's superficial tissue layers, restoring the balance between tissue masses and liquids. Useful for the prevention and treatment of skin relaxation.

MELODY CREMA: it is a product with high elasticizing and tensor power. The presence of hyaluronic acid, elastin, collagen and other specific active ingredients, guarantees an effective action on the skin trophism, helping to restore the functionality of relaxed and damaged skin and restoring its natural hydration and elasticity.

FLUID GEL VAGINALE: a highly moisturizing, emollient and lubricating gel with Aloe Vera, chamomile, Vitamin E and other moisturizing agents. Respects and maintains the physiological pH.

SANA PLUS: Due to its particular formulation and the presence of emollients and soothing functional principles, it guarantees an action on all skin types, even the most delicate and in all situations of skin stress. Dermo-restorative and eutrophicating.

VIA CREMA: a base of natural ingredients, it is useful for enhancing treatments with relaxed massages on the treated area and causing, thanks to a thermal effect, a sense of pain relief.

It amplifies the effect of the massage thanks to its thermal action, helping to relieve the sensation of pain in cases of myalgia, lumbosciatica, bruises, sprains and muscle tears, dislocations, stiff necks, fibromyositis, bursitis, tendinitis, hematomas, edema and traumatic infiltrates.

OPTIMA CREMA: soothing in redness, over distension and relaxation of the skin, to be used in pregnancy, pre-menopause and climacteric. Dermo-restorative and trophic of the skin during radiant therapies, peeling, sunburn and shaving.

LIBERA GEL: Gel indicated in the treatment of imperfections due to superficial microcirculation and as a treatment of annoying sensations due to hemorrhoids. Thanks to its light and non-greasy formulation it gives freshness to tired and heavy legs.

CREAM: it is a delicate cleanser with acid ph, it guarantees fresh daily intimate hygiene. Indicated in case of particular conditions such as pregnancy, puerperium, menstrual period.