Cold? Sore throat? Oily or dry cough?

18/01/2021 / 63

Don't let the first ailments of the season stop you! Try FLUINOV.

Food supplement based on Drosera, useful for the fluidity of bronchial secretions. Drosera exerts an emollient and soothing action on the oropharyngeal mucosa, acting as a natural anti-inflammatory. Fluinov It also contains acetylcysteine, useful for the muco-regulating activity by dissolving the mucus and facilitating its expulsion.

Thanks to its components, Fluinov has a dual function: it is indicated both in case of oily cough (due to its mucolytic activity) and in case of dry cough (going to soothe the oral cavity).

If flu symptoms persist, also try:

  • Golanov - Food supplement based on Tolu Balm with a balsamic effect, useful for the fluidity of bronchial secretions and for the well-being of the mucous membranes. With Grapefruit extract with antioxidant action; Eucalyptus and Erisimo with an emollient and soothing effect on the oropharyngeal mucosa; Mint useful for the functionality of the upper respiratory tract. The Propolis present is a valid help against colds of the upper airways.
  • Nambrol - drug based on the active ingredient Flunisolide, in addition to being recommended for allergic and seasonal rhinitis, can also be used to treat allergic diseases of the respiratory tract such as asthma and chronic asthmatic bronchitis. Medication under prescription - it is advisable to consult your doctor.

And to strengthen the immune system try:

  • IMMUNE - Food supplement based on Echinacea, Resveratrol, Selenium, Vitamin C, Zinc, Serratio peptidase, Betaglucan, Lactoferrin and Folic acid. Specifically formulated to increase the body's natural defenses and promote the protection of cells from oxidative stress, also being a valid aid for the well-being of the airways.

According to recent preliminary studies, the activity of lactoferrin could make the body more resistant to Covid infection and reduce healing times (